Acceptable Use Policy

This policy applies to all users of the eLodgment system.

eLodgment is to be used for the electronic lodgment of court documents in Federal Law proceedings (including non-family law Federal Circuit and Family Court matters). It may be used to lodge a document that will, if accepted for filing, commence a proceeding or to lodge documents in an existing proceeding.

Users of eLodgment must use eLodgment for the purpose it is intended.

Use of eLodgment

Generic / Team Usernames *

Name fields (First Name, Last Name) are mandatory for all usernames.  Organisations wishing to use generic or team based usernames must enter an individual's name into the name fields.  That person will be held responsible for any lodgments undertaken using that username.  Generic / Team Usernames cannot be used by participants in eCourtroom.

eCourtroom Users

Practitioners are reminded that eCourtroom is a viritual courtroom.  Accordingly, practitioners should address the Court in eCourtroom communications as if they were in Court addressing a Judge or a Registrar - that is, in an actual Courtroom.  In addition, any person wishing to appear in eCourtroom who is not a qualified legal practitioner must seek leave to appear.  For these reasons, eCourtroom users are required to have a unique personal user name with a unique individual email address attached.

* The Federal Court of Australia does not encourage the sharing of usernames and password.

Consequences of violating the policy

Any activity by a user considered by the Court to contravene this policy will result in the immediate revocation of the user’s access to eLodgment.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact your local Federal Court Registry or email